Over the last 30 years or so Custom Frames have framed literally hundreds of football, cycling, rugby, Ice Hockey shirts and so have an in-depth understanding of the correct way that this should be carried out for our customers.

The main reasons for framing a sports shirt is obviously so this looks great on your wall. The other reason is so that the shirt is kept in the same condition at the time of framing so that it will not deteriorate and any monitory value may have a chance of increasing in years to come if still in prime condition.

If you intend to take your sports shirt to be framed it’s worth asking your picture framer how he goes about this. (most reputable framer will be more than happy to go through the process with you) .


Generally there are two types of frame that can be used for shirts or garments. The first can be any general type of frame or moulding with a face width of about 30mm plus and  combined with a shallow box fixed to the back of the frame, this allows depth for the shirt.

Secondly instead of a box fitted to the back of the frame, a deeper frame type can be used which looks aesthetically better and this would be the option that we would use. On either option it’s vitally important that the shirt should have enough room in the frame and not touch or even be pressed against the glass as moisture could build up in the frame and effect the garment.

The shirt (after ironing) is stretched over a “forma” (a piece of acid free card or foam-board cut to fit each individual shirt. The shirt is stretched tightly around this and any excess material from the shirt is folded neatly and pinned ( never taped or glued) in place to the back of the forma. This forma should reflect the shape of the shirt, slightly wider at the shoulders and tapering down to the waist so this looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Once this has been completed the shirt and forma can be centralised and pinned to a backing mount board (colour of your choice) which will be fitted inside the frame. Lighter shirts look better with a darker backing colour and darker shirts with a lighter backing.

Once framed, your shirt should look fantastic. Beforehand don’t be worried in talking through your requirements with the framer pointing out if badges, signatures are to be shown and whether you want the front or back to be displayed. Remember there is an awful lot of work involved in framing a sports shirt (hence the price !) so the framer needs to be clear on what you require. If you haven’t explained or missed some information out, he may charge you for any corrections made!


If your framer is unwilling to talk through how he will frame your sports shirt we would strongly recommend that you take it to someone who will. Occasionally we are asked to rectify shirts that have been framed elsewhere. Problems that we have identified have been where the shirt hasn’t had enough space in the frame and literally held in place by the pressure of glass pressing against the shirt. As there was no room for air circulation in the frame, mildew formed on the glass and garment with possible long term damage. Other examples are shirts stretched over rectangular pieces of the board making the shirt look uninteresting. The very worst examples were shirts that had been stretched over cut-up cereal cartons and the shirt kept in place with heavy-duty double-sided carpet tape. The tape after time, solidified when placed in a warm room and the tape adhesive can oozed out through the shirt front. Sadly there wasn’t a lot we could do with this one.



Costs will vary around the country and clearly the more you add into the equation i.e plaques, specialist glass, certificates/photos, larger or more expensive frame types this will increase the cost of a standard price.

To give a ” Ball Park” figure in the East Midlands region we would say you need to be looking at around £150.00 – £170.00 inc vat for a basic framed adults shirt with no extras (as above),  so it’s probably worth getting two or three reputable quotes from established framers and asking if they have any photographs of shirt they have framed in the past, most framers should have some.

At Custom Frames we would be at the lower end of this price range due to our buying power of materials and our experienced staff who can cut time spent working on the project due to the latest equipment and work methods.

If you do get a quotation much below  £150.00 I would have to question what you are getting for your money and what the final quality would be like.

We hope you have found this of help, should you need any further information regarding framed sports shirts or anything else. Call, email, or contact us and we’ll be glad to give free advice.

Telephone or email enquiries will only give an indication of cost. Exact pricing can only be offered from our showroom reception once you visit with your work to be framed


Our prices are based on your exact requirements as there are many pricing factors involved with different materials used in your frame. This is carried out on an individual basis with help from our expert staff who will assist you to get the most cost-effective framing solution. Our prices are always competitive and we do have a price guarantee to ensure you receive the best possible price. In the unlikely event that should you find another framing company supplying a like for like frame in the same materials, we will not only match this but give an additional 10% discount (quotes from other framers must be in writing).


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